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Posted On: 2016-03-11 06:06:32

BTN 4-9 Nokia (www.Nokia.com), Research in Motion, and Apple are


BTN 4-9 Nokia (www.Nokia.com), Research in Motion, and Apple are competitors in the global marketplace. Key comparative figures for each company follow.

Nokia                           (Net Sales $40,984) (Cost of Sales $27,720)
Research in Motion   (Net Sales $14,953) (Cost of Sales $8,369)
Apple                       (Net Sales $42,925) (Cost of Sales $25,683)
Part 1-  Fill in each company's Revenue, Cost of Sales, Gross Margin and Gross Margin ration. 
Then rank the three companies (highest to lowest) based on the gross margin ratio.
Global Decision  — BTN  4-9
Part 1:      
(in millions) Nokia Research In Motion Apple
Revenues  40,984 $14,953 $42,905

Global Decision  — BTN&nb
Price $8
Attachment 1: Global decision BTN 4-9 Nokia.xlsx
Solution Posted By: Homeworkhelp    Posted on: 11-03-2016