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Posted by: Christian
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Posted On: 2011-10-28 12:12:29

Regal Company produces - P19-33B Regal Company produces hospital uniforms.  The company allocates manufacturing overhead based on the machine hours each job uses Regal reports the following cost data for 2009:


Machine hours 7,000 hours   6,500 hours

Indirect materials 50,000                      52,000

Depreciation on trucks used to

Deliver uniforms to customers .     14,000                   12,000

Depreciation on plant and Equipment . 65,000                      67,000

Indirect manufacturing labor 40,000                    43,000

Customer service hotline 19,000                     21,000

Plant utilities 27,000                     20,000



Compute the predetermined manufacturing overhead rate

Post actual and allocated manufacturing overhead to the Manufacturing Overhead T account

Close the under or over allocated overhead to Cost of Goods Sold

How can managers use accounting information to help control manufacturing overhead costs?

P19-33B    Req. 1 Predetermined manu
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Attachment 1: P19-33B Regal Company produces.xls
Solution Posted By: Christian    Posted on: 28-10-2011